Family planning is essential for women’s economic empowerment 

Family planning and women’s economic empowerment are closely linked. Women can’t be independent without bodily autonomy. This event will focus on the importance of contraception, access to free and safe abortions, and knowledge on women’s health for women to be financially empowered and independent. Grassroot work is essential for family planning, but how to do grassroot work in environments where family planning is highly controversial? This event will highlight the situation in different countries such as Norway, Ethiopia, Latin America, and the US, and get a status on what is happening now, what is missing, and what are best practices? The main focus will be on three topics: reproductive health, women’s health and welfare policies. 

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  • 5:00: Welcome  
  • 5.05-5.20: Part one: Status on family planning and women’s economic empowerment around the globe   
    Dr Maria Lisa Odland, Institute of Applied Health Research, Honorary Research Fellow Global Health 
  • 5.20-5.50: Part two: Status on these topics from four different countries/regions       
    Mulugeta Ketema, Women’s Health Association of Ethiopia (WHAE)
    Ana Cristina González, La Mesa, 
    Venny Ala-Siurua, Women on Web  
    Brit Olssøn, Norwegian Women’s public health association (N.K.S.) 
  • 5.50-6.15: Part three: Discussion on grassroot work and best practices 
    Moderator: Hilde Bjørnstad, The Women’s Front   
  • 6.15-6.30: Q&A